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Manage user accounts with a Single Sign On integration.

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Zipline offers Single Sign On (SSO) support for Microsoft, allowing your organisation to easily create and manage user accounts for the Zipline Portal.

Once SSO is setup, employees can sign in using the same Microsoft account they access other services with. There is no need to type in and remember a separate Zipline username and password.

Benefits of Single Sign On

SSO has multiple benefits:

  1. Easy deployment: Deploy Zipline without having to manually create user accounts, saving effort and time for your IT team.

  2. Security and maintenance: Enforce any internal password protocols and ensure only currently active employees have access to Zipline (e.g. if an employee leaves and their organisation account is deactivated, their Zipline account will also not be accessible).

  3. Ease of use: Employees can sign in with with their existing account in just a few clicks.

Setting Up Single Sign On

SSO is a paid add-on. Please get in touch with us for pricing. Once you have paid for Single Sign On, your technical team simply needs to provide a few key details to us so we can turn on Single Sign On. This will depend on your provider.

Microsoft / Active Directory

To set up Microsoft, please provide us with your unique Tenant ID.

Other Providers

Please contact us with more information if you would like us to investigate integrating with another provider.

Setting Up User Permissions

By default, new users will only have access to the minimum permissions. Any advanced permissions will need to be set up separately.

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